Why should you care about social media?
It’s not that scary. Ultimately, it’s a lot more powerful than just sharing pictures of cute cats and what you had for dinner. It’s an ever-growing public platform to show off your business, your skills and what you can offer to current and new customers alike. Which means it’s an extremely lucrative online channel.

What you need to remember before dismissing social media is that nowadays your customers are constantly connected to the internet, which means that you and your business should be permanently switched on.

Social media can reach the four corners of the world, so can help increase your business reach too. It is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 35.4 million Facebook users in the UK, that’s over 52% of the population3. Users across the range of social networks are growing day by day, with an ever-expanding amount of content too.

Identifying the social media network you should place your business on is a difficult decision, different platforms have different audiences and different features. Our advice is to do 1-2 really well, rather than trying to be active on them all.