Why do I need maintenance on my website?

Did you know, there are three main things that need updating on your WordPress website, on a regular basis: WordPress core files (the platform on which your website runs), WordPress theme (the look and layout of your website) and WordPress plugins (additional functionality and website add-on features).

The biggest and most important reason to keep your WordPress website up to date revolves around security. If you don’t regularly update your WordPress files, plugins or theme, you are creating a security risk because it then becomes vulnerable to various online threats and attacks.

Other issues that can arise without the proper updates being applied is that certain functionality may no longer work, causing frustration to yourself (as the owner of the website) and most importantly, to the end user, your customer.

Updates (as and when released) should always be applied as soon as they are available. By choosing one of our monthly maintenance packages, you can rest assured that these potential issues can and will be avoided as much as possible.

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