Suppling Information for your website project

You don’t need to provide us everything at once to get going. Our philosophy is to just start and produce a working ‘prototype’ for the home page as soon as possible from your brief.

Supplying Text

Finalise your content before you send it to us, you’ll avoid headaches later in the process. Nothing slows down the process like making large content changes after a site is already built. Small tweaks here and there are fine, but creating new pages or moving entire sections around takes time that could mean extra charges. Making big changes to a Word document is easy. Making big changes to a website takes time. Lots of time!

The copy for your website can be sent to us in Word or Pages. Supply the text for each website page clearly marked and on separate pages

If you supply your text typed straight in an email, make sure the content for each web page is separated and clearly marked

This might seem insignificant, but each page on your site should start a new page in your document. A website is broken up into pages, so it makes sense for the content document to be divided up the same way. This makes it much easier to scan through when we’re looking for a specific page in your document.


Logos & Images

Images need to renamed or clearly marked as to the relevant page and A,B,C etc… Don’t copy and paste images into your document. This creates extra work for you & us. Supply all images and logos as the best quality you have, leave us to sort the sizing out. Send images via email or another cloud-based tool like WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Please do not send multiple emails with lots of images, this just clogs up both our email accounts, we may ask you to re-supply them.


Thing you need to Know download