We’re here to make SEO transparent, simple and accessible to all.

So what is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimisation in simple terms, its a way of getting people to your website and getting you higher up the rankings on search engines, such as google.

SEO is complex though and it changes all the time, but it boils down to two things that you need to get right.

RELEVANCE, Are you useful?
Can Google easily read your website and does it think the content is good enough and relevant enough?

How we can help
AUTHORITY, Are you credible?
How much do search engines like Google, trust your website?
How we can help
You may get lots of email from some anonymous online only service from some far off land or phone calls from faceless call centres. 29design & Nettl of Bristol are actually on the high street, in your community and most importantly local to you. Your local SEO experts.

That means you can actually come in and see us for a chat. You can give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll promptly respond. Let’s get together and see about increasing your online presence.

*Billed Monthly. Term 3 months minimum with 30 day notice period

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