Our website design process

We will complete the following milestones while working on your website.

  • Home page creation and approval
  • Task by Task approval
  • Website completion and approval

We will create a new home page design for your approval. Once approved (or after 1 month) we will require 25% of agreed quoted payment.

We will then complete the website build, keeping you up-to-date every step of the way with a live link to your site, this provides you with the chance to make minor changes to copy and style.

The remaining balance of 75% will be due on approval of the website (or after 1 month) and before the website is launched (unless otherwise agreed)

Hosting will be charged per month by Direct Debt (this can also be made as a one off yearly payment) We will email you an invoice when payment is required.

At the point of launching your site we will need access to your domain registrar control panel. This enables us to configure DNS settings. We can do this for you or we can send you the instructions to do this yourself if you’d prefer but we do not recommend this. As you control your domain registration details it is your responsibility to renew your domain registration. Your domain registrar will email you when renewal is required. Unless otherwise agreed your site will be using your existing email accounts, we will not require access to your email account or be responsible for your emails.

At the completion of the project, the website must be accepted and approved by yourself prior to the launch of the website.


You will be supplied login detail to your website with full administration rights. Any changes or maintenance required after the launch of the website may incur extra charges (unless otherwise agreed).

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If something goes wrong with your website?

Once your site is launched the website belongs to you, if in the unlikely event of a problem with your site it will be your responsibility to inform us. If you have a website management package with us we will rectify the problem, as soon as possible. If you do not have a management package any work maybe be chargeable. We aim to have problems fixed with 48 hours during the working week.

On going management

Getting your website launched is just the beginning. To generate traffic, keep your site fresh, and to maintain your widgets and plugins requires commitment and regular management. Adding extra features, new content or new pages requires a range of skills.

Pay as you go – If you prefer, you can pay-as-you go, when you need us, we can quote task by task.

Monthly management – Gives you a slot of time to use us, every month, for a low flat monthly retainer. You have direct access and a fast response to your needs and ideas. It acts as a useful reminder that your website thrives on regular updates, that search engines like consistent, relevant, content, and your clients like recent information. Ask for more details